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General Conduct - Poker Rules of Etiquette
Poker is a game of skill, with many card games you rely totally on the luck of the draw, find out all you need to know about the poker game

Poker Rules of Etiquette

Poker is a fast moving game, and for beginners, it is intimidating toplay. Poker has many unspoken norms for behavior, and you riskquick ostracism if you violate them carelessly. If you are new, don’thesitate to ask questions of the dealer. Also, most poker players are friendly and will assist newcomers with proper conduct.

Protect your cards:
If you win a pot, teturn the cards to the dealerafter the money is pushed to you. If you sit next to the dealer, leave achip on top of your cards to prevent the cards from being accidentallyscooped up. Once your cards are gone, you do not get themback.

Don’t pick up your cards:
Leave your cards face-down on the table.Look at them by cupping your hands over them and turning up thecorners. Get in the habit of looking at your cards once and leavingthem face down. There are many other things to observe at the table,so avoid looking at your cards repeatedly. In addition, many cardroomshave rules against taking your cards off the table. Even where it ispermissible, picking up and holding cards is still a bad habit to acquire.It is easy for the players next to you to see your cards if you areholding them in front of you.

Act in turn:
Don’t broadcast actions before it is your turn-such as reaching for chips or giving cards back to the dealer. If you fold before someone has a chance to bet, they don’t have to worry about a raise from you. If you bet a good hand before people ahead of youhave acted, they may fold, which costs you money. Acting out ofturn gives information to opponents that they should not have.

Don’t splash the pot:
Always put bets in front of you where thedealer can clearly see the amount. Let the dealer handle the moneyand make change if necessary. If you throw your money directly intothe pot, no one is absolutely sure if you bet the correct amount. Thegame will be interrupted while the dealer counts all the money in thepot, and the other players will be upset with you for causing the breakin the action.

Don’t make string bets:
A string bet is where you call a bet and thenreach back to your pile of chips to raise. You must place all the chipsfor raise at once, or state your intention to raise out loud.

Don’t delay the game:
Pay attention. Act in a timely fashion when itis your turn.

Respect the dealer:
If the dealer makes a mistake, be polite. If you have just received pocket Aces for example, and there is a misdeal before you have a chance to play them, do not give the dealer a hard time. The cards are not yours until everyone has been properly dealt.If the dealer makes a mistake that negates the deal, that is part of thegame.