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Poker Rule Variations
Poker is a game of skill, with many card games you rely totally on the luck of the draw, find out all you need to know about the poker game

Poker Rule Variations

Spread-limit games:
Some cardrooms offer structured games wherethe betting is not in fixed increments. In a $5-10 spread-limit game,the allowed bets and raises are any amount up to $5 in the first tworounds, followed by any amount up to $10 in the second two.

No raising caps when head-to-head:
Some cardrooms cap raises until there are two remaining players. Two players going headto-head are allowed to have a raising war and raise as many times asthey like.

A check-raise is allowed in almost all games, but a fewplaces have rules against it. Remember, when in doubt, ask.

Structure variations:
Different cardrooms can have variations onthe traditional blind and betting-round structure. Some variations Ihave experienced include $2-$5-$5-$10, which means that if thereare no pre-flop raises everyone pays $2 to see the flop, but must bet$5 to see the turn card. Bets then double again after the river card. Ialso played in a game that did not have a rake; instead the player onthe button (the last player to bet in each round) paid the house anamount equal to one big blind. In exchange, that person was includedin the hand, and unless there was a pre-flop raise, saw the flop withoutbetting additional money. The first time you play in a cardroom,ask the poker manager to explain all..the house rules and take noticeof unfamiliar variations.

Jackpot games:
Some cardrooms set aside a portion of the rake toform a jackpot that is awarded to players under special circumstances.The most common kind is the "bad-beat" jackpot-in order to win, aplayer must have a losing hand. The catch is that the losing handmust be ranked Aces-full or better. Since bad-beats of this nature arerare, jackpots can get enormous before someone wins and the jackpotrebuilds. If a casino has a jackpot, it will have houserules on which events hit the jackpot and how the pot is awarded.

Pot-limit and No-limit Hold’em:
Some games do not have bettinglimits in each round. In any betting round, players may bet any amountup to the amount present in the pot (pot-limit), or in some games, anyamount up to the chips they have in front of them on the table (nolimit).In real cardrooms, these kinds of games are usually at a highlevel for high stakes. Beginners and recreational players should avoidthem. However, some online cardrooms offer pot-limit and no-limitgames with small buy-ins that none of the players who joins the tablecan exceed. As a result, no one player has a large amount of moneyon the table at any one time. Under these conditions, recreationalplayers can afford to learn and experience pot-limit and no-limitHold’em. The "table stakes" rule-that no one can bet more thanthey have on the table-becomes the effective limit for these kindsof games.