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Poker Single-table/Multi-table Tournaments
Poker is a game of skill, with many card games you rely totally on the luck of the draw, find out all you need to know about the poker game

Poker Single-table/Multi-table Tournaments

The simplest kind of poker tournament takes place at just one table. Usually 10 players enter the event, as players "bust out" (lose their last chip), nobody takes their place and the table gets shorter and shorter handed. The tournament ends once one player wins all the chips. At that point, the prize pool is divided among the players according to the poker rooms rules. Typically, the first place player gets about half the money while second and third gets smaller shares (30% and 20%).

The multi-table tournament format allows a much larger number of people to play in the same event. Online events often have thousands of entrants. Each player is assigned to start play at a certain table. As players throughout the tournament bust out, the poker players move into the vacated seats and the number of tables reduces. Eventually, play comes down to two opponents, just like in a ’Heads up’ event, and ends when one player wins all the chips. At that point, the prize pool is divided among the top-finishing players. Again, first place pays the most, but multi-table events generally pay a larger number of players than a single-table event.

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